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Legal & Accounting Support of Advertising Campaigns in Ukraine and other countries

PUSH-K Solutions always provides legal and accounting support for advertising projects in Ukraine and other countries that we implement for our clients. But in our practice, there are cases when client manages singly with creative and organizational parts of advertising project , but prefers to entrust us with legal and accounting support. Most typical reasons of such orders are below:

1. EASY PREPARATION OF PROJECT DOCUMENTATION (official rules, acts of transfer, information letters, applications). The agency has many approved by the lawyers templates, which take into account a lot of non-standard situations and were run-in in real projects.

2. FORECASTING THE TAXES By attracting the agency to the project, the client gets correct calculations of the taxes for gift fund of the advertising project.

3. TAX OPTIMIZATION Under certain circumstances it becomes possible to decrease the tax burden on the advertising project in frames of law, therefore the agency that regularly has deal with it can give recommendations and protect the client from unnecessary costs. We do not use illegal and gray schemes and do not participate in such projects.

4. TAX SECURITY If the agency acts as the official executor of gift promotion, then, as a tax agent, agency is responsible for the correct execution, settlement and timely payment of taxes for gift funds.

5. QUICK AND EASY CONTRACTS WITH PERSONNEL If an advertising project involves promotional staff, then agency can take over the legal part. In such a case the actual sum of tax payments is calculated, contracts are signed with the personnel according to the mechanics of the advertising project, and payments are made to credit cards formally from the agency’s account.

6. SAVE TIME ON BUREAUCRATIC PROCEDURES Working with the agency the client’s management does not have to make dozens of internal corporate applications and forms for accounting, legal and security departments. In the same way, the client management does not have to contact the winners regarding the correct registration of the transfer of material values. In practice, this is a tremendous time saving, which will be used for the effectiveness of the project, and not spent on bureaucratic procedures.

7. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS There are situations when an advertising agency needs to work with non-residents (for Ukraine) to solve problems of the client, conclude international agreements, organize international transportation, conduct currency transactions. These are the standard tasks for PUSH-K Solutions that we regularly face.

8. SUPPORT IN UNFORESEEN SITUATIONS When everything is done very quickly, there are situations when the client has agreed with the contractor for cooperation, but for some reason can not sign the contract (the internal procedure is long), and payment must be made immediately, in such cases your advertising agency, with which you have a framework agreement and excellent relations, can promptly pay the account of such a contractor.

If you periodically encounter such situations and you do not have such a partner advertising agency, we are open to dialogue. Our philosophy in matters of legality is extremely simple — openness, business ethics, payment of taxes, legality.


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